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“I very much enjoyed viewing your selection of mezzotints . You’ve worked the medium well, accomplishing a beautiful array of dark and light tones “.

Samantha Rippner

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC USA


 “Cleo Wilkinson (Australia) also combines skill and empathy, giving her everyday objects(a mushroom, a pair of children’s shoes, two eggs) a larger meaning, the eggs evoking the beginning of life; the shoes, growth; and the mushroom, perhaps survival…”

Judith K. Brodsky  Distinguished Professor Emerita in the Department of Visual Arts at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey USA - Judges Comment 8th International Miniature Print Exhibition 2011  , Centre for Contemporary Printmaking , Norwalk, CT USA


Your work Arcane Message has been selected for Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale 2012, This Biennale is a very important Biennale in the world for fine art. Congratulations!-With our director Mr. Li Kang's nomination, Guanlan Original Printmaking Base recommend your work the Biennale. And now your work was showing on the wall in October 2012 in the highest art Museum of China in Beijing -- The National Museum of China. Thank you very much for your great support for Guanlan Original Printmaking Base.

 Zhao Jiachun 

Director of Academy & Exhibition Depart.

Guanlan Original Printmaking Base

Guanlan International Print Biennial / China


“..It is utterly sublime  , mysterious, fragile and silent in its presence… a beautiful example of your work.”-  (comment on “Inception III” mezzotint )

 - But it is your image sense that prods at the beach rubble...

 “You have an undertow pulling at your work,

a narrative that hides under the bed in the dark with door slightly ajar,

a dream-like stillness that pervades the air and a disquiet that causes

one to feel the little hairs on the neck and arm to raise as you check over your shoulder. “


Derek Michael Besant RCA

Professor of Fine Arts ACAD

Alberta College of Art   and Design  , Canada


 "Your artwork is, in my opinion, some of the most brilliant I've seen in the mezzotint medium, as it is not only technically proficient, but the images themselves are thoughtful, and deeply profound visual statements.. they are truly magnificent"

Deborah Maris Lader  - Founder/Director of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Chicago USA



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